Who Are My Friends?

My Friends Place NY is a non-profit organization who want to make a difference in the next generation of Asian youths. If you are interested in achieving the same goal, please join us. Together, we can achieve a significantly more positive impact for youths in our community.

Meet the Team


Chih Ling Cheng

Born in Guangzhou, China and immigrated with her parents to N.Y. in 1995. She is a licensed Mental Health Counselor who has extensive work with children, youths, and families in the Chinese communities in NYC through various parts of her career. While working as a counselor in Brooklyn, Chih Ling saw an increasing number of youths who are facing challenging needs due to family situations, immigration adjustment, social isolation, lack of resources, and low self-esteem.  She realized that there were limited services to meet these needs. She and a group of like-minded Asian young professionals based in Brooklyn founded the organization with the goal to utilize their professional network to encourage the next generation of youths.


Daniel Chen

Has an MBA in International Business and graduated from Lehigh University with a BS in Finance and Management. He is now a Licensed Real Estate Broker in New York and works for a Real Estate Development Company based in Brooklyn. He is the President of For You Apparel, Inc, a women's apparel wholesale distributor. Daniel's first job was as a lifeguard and water safety instructor with the City of New York where he taught swim lessons to children and teens.  He had done numerous volunteer services at overseas and locally. Daniel would like to be more involved with NPOs to continue supporting his community.  He would like to focus on providing opportunities and new career paths for the growing youth of immigrant families or first-generation Americans.


Joe Li

Graduated from Columbia University with a Master's Degree in Public Health. He also has a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science from the City University of New York - Hunter College. Joe aspires to become a pediatrician serving underserved communities. Joe found his passion for healthcare and youth development through his experience working and volunteering with the community in NYC's downtown, Chinatown area. He saw the rising need for resources in healthcare and youth programs for children and adolescents, especially for new immigrants and the undocumented population. Joe has also volunteered his time in humanitarian efforts overseas and participated in research studies.


Henry Zhu

He was born in Guangzhou, China and immigrated to New York with his family in 2008. As an immigrant, he had to adjust quickly to the new environment. He joined a mentoring program where his mentor had helped him tremendously. Henry graduated from Long Island University with a B.S. in Health Science and a minor in Autism and Developmental Disabilities. Henry saw the importance of having a mentor and he would like to give back whenever he has a chance.


Jasmine Hsin Hsu

Jasmine has spent her entire professional life devoted to improving the welfare of children and families. This dedication began in her native Taiwan, where her first job was as a teacher providing counseling and art therapy to young children with ADHD and other learning disabilities, as well as psycho-educational programming for their teachers. The trend continued when she moved to Bangkok, where she worked with multicultural children, and the theme was reprised in New York, where she attended graduate school in psychological counseling with an emphasis on multicultural counseling. She now calls New York home, and her diverse experience and training inform her work as both a full-time mental health counselor as well as in her private practice.

Junior Youth Committee Members

President - Isabella He

Media Manager - Miann Lui

Treasurer - Tian En Du

Public Relations - Ming Xin Zeng